BOOYOUNG Announces pre-launch sales of BOREY BOOYOUNG SENSOK Near AEON Sensok

Borey Booyoung Sen Sok, invested by Bouyong Khmer II Co, Ltd., has announced that it will start selling its Borey housing on July 29 with modern, design and business-friendly housing.

Borey Booyoung Sensok developer by Booyoung Khmer II Co.,Ltd, is a local Cambodia company founded in 2007 is subsidiary of Booyoung Group of Korea, representative by Chairman LEE JOONG KEUN and is the first to supply housing in Cambodia, Borey Booyoung Sensok started pre-sales on July 29th, and consists of 716 households including of flat house, villa, shop house, and link house with an area approximately 110,000 square meters, Located in Phum Banla Saet, Sangkat Khmounh, Khan Sensok, Phnom Penh City.

Director Borey Booyoung Sensok, Mr. CHOI JUN YOUNG, said BOREY BOOYOUNG SENSOK is the first project to start selling houses in Cambodia and expects to bring about a qualitative improvement in the Cambodian housing market.

A location that enhances the quality of life
In particular, BOREY SENSOK BOOYOUNG is located within 5 minutes from AEON 2, MAKRO and GLOBAL HOUSE. Besides being close to several international schools and golf club, not only real estate investors, but also customers who wish to live are showing interest.

Booyoung Group is a housing construction company that has built and supplied more than 280,000 units since 1983. Based on these advanced housing construction technologies, it will build and supply the safest housing to suit the preference of locals in Cambodia. In addition, we are looking forward to the quality of our homes by complying with Cambodian housing construction regulations.