Status of Overseas Sharing

Booyoung Group operates numerous social contribution
projects to lead the trend of ‘sharing’

Booyoung Group contributes to the native and foreign societies.
We support education facilities and welfare facilities all around the world to keep investing on variety of
social areas to do what we should do as a part of the society.

Status of global social contributions

StatusNumber of cases
61,290 digital pianos to 17 countries23
604,244 blackboards to 15 countries18
support for constructing 600 elementary schools in Southeast Asia6
UN-HABITAT donation (1.5 million USD among total of 3 million USD)5
Financial support for building Taekwondo training center8
support for George Washington University’s research on Ondol heating technology, etc.2
donated recycled clothes to Southeast Asia, Financial support for building bus terminals, etc.37
Donated scholarship funds to Southeast Asia (13 countries)13